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Why your Sub Structure is Critical to the life of your deck.

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

The bones of your Trex composite deck is the sub structure or stud. Spacing of joists TrexProtect Joist tape and Composite posts all add up to a long life decking project along with graded timber.

Have you asked your contractor about the build?

So you have had your quotes and one company is £900 cheaper Bargain! or is it ? What Timber are they using? how will they protect the joists ? how will they prevent post rot?


Always ask for a run down of the sub structure and components.

What do I ask ?:

  1. What grade is the timber

  2. Do you treat cut ends

  3. Do you use joist tape

  4. Do you use composite posts

  5. What gauge fixings will be used

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