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Cutting It

Inlays Curves and why I build the art in decks

A inlay is a great way to introduce colour add interest and a focal point to your deck . My first inlays were square or rectangle with a simple design then came the stars and I found that inlays became very popular also they made my decks stand out over the years I progressed and used curves to create unique designs.

America is the home of composite decking and the deck builders in the USA started the spark and gave me the inspiration to get creative with my builds . I find that there is always another step to take and always something new to build using composite decking.

Free hand inlays are difficult because composite decking is a hard material to shape to detail and the smaller the inlay the more difficult it is depending and how complicated the piece is . The only inlay that is left for me is mosaic using different shades and sizes to create a living picture and once that is done I will have achieved everything that I set out too.

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