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What deck is right for you.

Wood , Composite , PVC , Millboard a guide to your choice for your garden

Wooden Decking

Wood is the cheapest option to build your deck . Wood has a short life span and requires a lot of maintenance its slippery and splinters and although wooden railing and fencing will last a lot longer wooden decking is under foot . On the other hand wood is structural and strong you can also make accessory's to match so if you don't mind sanding and painting every year wood could be the deck for you.

PVC Decking

PVC is probably the next economical option . PVC is a hollow board so it has a shorter life expectancy than composite but it should last a lot longer than wood and is totally non slip it will however fade a lot as the years pass but depending on your budget its still in my opinion a better option than wood.


Millboard is Polyurethane it expands very little and is one of the most popular choices for low maintenance decking the company is based in the UK and have a strong product line . I worked with Millboard a lot up to 2017 its the most expensive of all the options and it will yellow and peel on corners and high traffic areas however the company sells a touch up paint to deal with this it certainly doesn't deter people from investing in the product it looks great and comes in some fantastic colours and grains.

Composite Decking (TREX)

Composite decking is probably the most popular choice in low maintenance decking and its a market that just seems to keep growing there are a lot of different companies but my experience is with Trex I haven't had any reason to work with any other products . Trex has a absolutely massive product line but not in the UK so you have Transcend Decking , Enhance Naturals Decking , Enhance Basics Decking. The Enhance range has two colours that are extremely popular Clam Shell and Clam Water this is due to the fact that they are dark grey and the UK has been seeing a huge demand in those colours. Trex is a very hard wearing board but Enhance marks a lot easier than Transcend but so does every other deck board I think as long as your realistic about your expectations and that this is in your garden braving all the seasons you won't be disappointed Trex composite decking will never fade regardless of what line you chose.

Simon Thomas of Simon Thomas Deck and Design relaxing on one of his award winning composite decks in Swansea
Simon Thomas Deck and Design

I hope this short blog has been of some help to you on your journey to building your outdoor living space but remember those materials are not the most important ingredient they are as good as the guy who installs your deck. #simonthomasdeckandesign #compositedecking #decking #compositedeckingswansea #outdoorliving

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