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Simon Thomas Deck & Design Composite Decking Creations

Updated: Mar 27, 2022

Composite decking is expensive and most definitely a investment that you need to put some thought into and do your research. I started installing decking 20 years ago and to be honest it was always a extra or add on for example I would be installing a kitchen and the client would ask if I could build a deck But over the last 8 years it has become my my sole business activity. Its very rare to build a deck under 10k and I make sure that I build something special every time.

Trex Composite Decking with in-lite outdoor lighting

I install #Trex Composite Decking

in 2018 I imported a oven from the USA this allows me to shape and curve composite decking boards to make beautiful designs and a very unique outdoor living space . Lighting also plays a big part in a lot of my projects and the right lighting and positioning is very important .

I love my job and it shows in my work and what I create and basically I can build anything from the most elaborate to the clean and simple but whatever I build its built to perfection.

Composite decking with curved step ad perimeter with a star inlay.
Trex Composite decking & Pergloa

A Pergola or Gazebo is a great addition to your outdoor living space . The Pergola in the photo has a Rubber roof so it provides shade in the summer and shelter from the rain . I can design and build a very wide range of outdoor structures .

I am always booked up and generally my clients will have their deck installed 6 months from when I give my quote and although you may think its a long Wait there is a reason I have a such a long lead time and if you look at my work you can see the effort and attention to detail that goes into my projects and I think when your about to build something that will be a permanent addition to your home a composite deck means low maintenance no more slipping on wet wood and no more staining and I can assure you what I build for you will be worth the wait . Thanks for reading you can see more of my work on all the social media platforms or on my web page or google profile.

Simon Thomas

Simon Thomas Deck & Design


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